Top 10 Neurosurgeons in India: Pioneers in Brain and Spine Surgery


India has emerged as a global hub for medical excellence, with highly skilled and accomplished neurosurgeons leading the charge in neurosurgery. These individuals have not only transformed the landscape of neurosurgical care in the country but have also earned recognition and respect worldwide. In this article, we will explore the top 10 neurosurgeons in India, whose expertise and contributions have significantly impacted the field of brain and spine surgery.

  1. Dr. B. K. Misra:

A renowned name in the field of neurosurgery, Dr. B. K. Misra has been instrumental in advancing the practice in India. Serving as the Director of the Department of Neurosciences at Fortis Hospitals, Noida, Dr. Misra specializes in complex brain and spine surgeries. His vast experience and commitment to patient care have earned him widespread acclaim.

  1. Dr. Deepu Banerji:

Dr. Deepu Banerji, associated with Apollo Hospitals, Chennai, is a distinguished neurosurgeon known for his expertise in minimally invasive spine surgeries. With a focus on innovative techniques, Dr. Banerji has contributed significantly to the advancement of spinal surgery, making him a leading figure in the field.

  1. Dr. Ramani Narasimhan:

A stalwart in the domain of pediatric neurosurgery, Dr. Ramani Narasimhan has made significant strides in treating complex neurological conditions in children. As the Head of the Department of Pediatric Neurosurgery at Kanchi Kamakoti Childs Trust Hospital, Chennai, Dr. Narasimhan is recognized for his compassionate approach and surgical precision.

  1. Dr. Alok Gupta:

Dr. Alok Gupta, based in Mumbai and associated with Lilavati Hospital, is a distinguished neurosurgeon with a focus on skull base surgery. His expertise lies in treating complex conditions at the skull base, and he is widely regarded for his skill in navigating intricate anatomical structures with precision.

  1. Dr. Manjul Tripathi:
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As a faculty member at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi, Dr. Manjul Tripathi has been at the forefront of neurosurgical research and practice. His expertise spans a wide range of neurosurgical subspecialties, and his commitment to education and training has groomed the next generation of neurosurgeons.

  1. Dr. Ashok Kumar Mahapatra:

Dr. Ashok Kumar Mahapatra is a veteran neurosurgeon whose illustrious career includes serving as the Chief of Neurosciences at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi. His contributions to the field have been acknowledged with numerous awards, and he remains a guiding force in the neurosurgical community.

  1. Dr. Rana Patir:

Heading the Department of Neurosurgery at Medanta – The Medicity, Gurugram, Dr. Rana Patir is known for his proficiency in treating complex brain tumors. With a keen interest in neuro-oncology, Dr. Patir has played a pivotal role in advancing the understanding and management of brain tumors in India.

  1. Dr. M. G. Ramakrishnan:

Dr. M. G. Ramakrishnan, associated with Apollo Hospitals, Chennai, is a highly skilled neurosurgeon specializing in endoscopic neurosurgery. His innovative use of endoscopic techniques has revolutionized the treatment of various neurosurgical conditions, making him a key figure in the field.

  1. Dr. Suresh Sankhla:

Dr. Suresh Sankhla, based in Jaipur, is a prominent neurosurgeon recognized for his expertise in functional neurosurgery. His focus on conditions like epilepsy and movement disorders has made a significant impact on the lives of patients, and his commitment to research has enhanced the understanding of these complex neurological disorders.

  1. Dr. Paresh Doshi:

Heading the Functional Neurosurgery Department at Jaslok Hospital, Mumbai, Dr. Paresh Doshi is a leading expert in the field of deep brain stimulation (DBS). His work in alleviating symptoms of movement disorders through advanced surgical techniques has earned him national and international acclaim.

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These top 10 neurosurgeons in India have not only demonstrated exceptional surgical skills but have also contributed significantly to the advancement of neurosurgical science. Their dedication to patient care, coupled with a commitment to research and innovation, has positioned India as a global leader in neurosurgery. As these pioneers continue to push the boundaries of what is possible in the field, the future of neurosurgery in India looks bright and promising.

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